Wealth Traders Trade Top 6 goods that are traded all around the world

Top 6 goods that are traded all around the world

Trading plays a very big part in economy. There are many commodities or goods that are traded from one country to another country. So here are the list of top goods that is traded with their total value and percent of global exports.


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Cars are top most traded good with the total value $1,350 Billion and 4.9% of total global exports.

Refined Petroleum

Refined Petroleum - ALIA OIL TRADING

The total value of Refined Petroleum is around $825 Billion and 3.0% of total global exports.

Integrated Circuits

The World's Top 10 Semiconductor Companies

The total value of Integrated Circuits is around $804 Billion and 2.9% of total global exports.

Vehicle Parts

Samsung Auto Parts & Trading

The total value of Vehicle Parts is around $685 Billion and 2.5% of total global exports.


RedShark News - Computers are now lasting longer than ever before

The total value of Computers is around $614 Billion and 2.2% of total global exports.


Gold: Gold eases as dollar hovers near 2-year high - The Economic ...

The total value of Gold is around $576 Billion and 2.1% of total global exports.

These are top 6 good that are traded all around the world.

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