Table of Contents


About The Real World Marketer

  • Introduction
  • Develop A Winning Mindset
  • Understanding Your Intentions - And The Benefits For You
  • Develop Your Unique Selling Proposition
  • Four Success Tips To Get You Going Forwards
  • Four Keys When Setting Up Your Business
  • Get Ready To Turn Your Marketing Ideas Into An Endless Cash Flow
  • Six Ways to Tune Into Your Market
  • Understand And Comply With The Legal Rules Applying To Your Business / Niche
  • Prepare For Minimizing And Overcoming Roadblocks
  • Introduction
  • 7 Steps To Building Your Business Plan
  • Creating a Winning Marketing Plan – Your Roadmap To Success and Results
  • Six Key Fundamentals You Must Incorporate Into Your Planning
  • The Key Areas You Must Address In Your Marketing Plan
  • Gathering Information For Your Marketing Plan
  • Tips on Choosing a Product or Service to Sell
  • Setting Your Price Points For Maximum Profitability
  • Identifying Your “Go-to-Market” Options And Strategies
  • Building Your Mailing List – The Lifeblood of Your Business
  • The One Thing That Will Give You More Repeat Business Than Anything Else You Do
  • Four Distribution Options That Can Help You Build Focus
  • Bringing Together The People Resources You Need to Succeed
  • Incorporating Lifetime Value Into Your Strategies and Plan
  • Five Strategies For Gaining An Edge Over Your Competition
  • Converting A Niche Into A Fresh Market
  • Four Keys To Establishing Your Business In A Fresh Market
  • Why You Must Focus on Relationship Building
  • Planning Your Process
  • Introduction
  • Creating Your Marketing Collateral
  • Selecting a Copywriter Who Consistently Delivers Results Generating Copy
  • Fine Tuning Your Marketing Messages
  • Establishing Your Online Presence
  • Payment Processing Considerations
  • Controlling your Mail, Web, Print and Advertising Costs
  • Managing Your Risk … And Profits
  • Protecting Your Assets … And Cash Flow
  • Ten Ways to Multiply Your Marketing Returns
  • Tips For Establishing Partnerships and Joint Ventures
  • Applying A Microscopic View To Your Targeting 
  • Five Keys to Renting and Buying Lists
  • Strategies and Tips for Developing Awareness with Public Relations
  • Using Press Releases To Build Credibility, Enhance Image and Increase Sales
  • Boost Your Visibility, Generate Leads And Drive Sales With Events

Traps and Pitfalls

  • Keeping Your Eye On The Market
  • Twelve Very Common Pitfalls You Must Avoid
  • Keeping It Simple
  • Introduction
  • Productivity Tools
  • Copywriting Tips
  • Fine Tuning Your Marketing Messages (from Putting Your Plan Into Action)
  • SubHeaders-Samples
  • Special Offers - Samples
  • Guarantees / Trust / Facts - Samples
  • Powerful Phrases - Samples
  • Taking Action - Samples
  • Internet Promotion Options
  • FREE Subscription Newsletters
  • Building Your Own List
  • Search Engine, Directory and eZine Submission
  • Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Article Submission
  • Traffic Exchanges, Blogs and Forums
  • Internet Marketing Promoters

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