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Boost your business and income with the 372 tips and strategies provided within this low cost and easy to use Business Coaching program...

Also includes: 27 sample business agreements, 35 eBooks, and access to Buyers Advantage

From the Desk of Joe McAleer
Business Coach and former VP Marketing, Bank of America

Dear Friend,

Do you feel your business can benefit with some external advice and direction?

Now of course you can call in a coach (myself included), attend a workshop, or join mastermind groups. However, here's an alternative - a smart and low cost starting point which I recommend you consider:

The Real World Marketer is a comprehensive "self paced" coaching program which gives you a ROADMAP presented in the form of systematic STEP-BY-STEP GUIDES designed to get you on the right track ... and then stay there. Everything you need to create a winning process for your business is at your fingertips:

Planning -- Product Selection -- Personnel -- Branding -- List Building -- Customer Service -- Events -- Press Releases -- Copywriting -- Offshore Expansion -- Joint Ventures -- plus much more...

When developing this program, my colleague and I carefully considered which elements were essential in this important area so that this could be the BEST STARTING POINT which anyone looking for direction could hope to find.

Here are some of the key elements of this program …

Direction from Experts with LONG track histories of success

The core program has been developed by two long term marketers who between them have handled more than 1,000 marketing campaigns which have produced millions of customers

Joe McAleer  

Joe McAleer - a former VP Marketing Bank of America (17 years), a former President of Encore Marketing (travel and leisure programs), and the former Founder and President of one of Asia's leading advertising agencies and today provides consulting services to groups within Asia.

Joe has developed and managed marketing and business development programs which have generated BILLIONS in revenue.

george Notaras  

George Notaras - An experienced direct marketer who has worked with many of the largest direct marketing companies in Australia including launching Australia's biggest direct marketer globally; delivered services to major publishing houses across Asia; and assisted several large North American marketers establish a global presence.

George was actively marketing the Internet way back in 1983 (through Ausinet - the Australian Information Network), co-authored his first training product (Marketing on the Information Superhighway) in 1996, and established Wealth Traders in 2003, a service which has already assisted many thousands of individuals and companies worldwide.

The direction the Authors provide in The Real World Marketer is complemented by contributions from external experts.

Comprehensive and easy-to-use CHECKLIST format

Most programs focus on “the latest” rather than providing practical and realistic direction that can work for anyone.

The Real World Marketer outlines the key areas you need to be considering … and at various points makes it very clear that you should NOT continue further if the preceding step/s are not in place.

Clear direction really does make a difference!

All materials in the program are delivered online and are easily accessible through an easy-to-use menu interface so you can go directly to ANY section of specific interest IMMEDIATELY ...

Menu Example

There are Forty-Seven Guides in the program containing clear direction on how to establish and operate a successful business.

They cover 4 categories:

    • Prepare for Success
      Nine Guides - Key Steps To Starting Your Business On A Winning Note

    • Planning and Strategies
      Eighteen Guides - Essentials When Building Your Plan and Strategies

    • Putting Your Plan Into Action
      Seventeen Guides - “Go-To-Market” Action Items and Strategies

    • Resources
      Three Guides - Productivity Tools, Online Marketing, and Copywriting - to SAVE you time ... as time means money in any business!

These are presented in a structured Step-by-Step format and balanced OLD SCHOOL + NEW SCHOOL perspective, essentially a CHECKLIST format.

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The simplicity and easy accessibility of these Guides makes The Real World Marketer a resource you can - and should - refer to whenever you need to:-

    • evaluate a new opportunity

    • reinforce a decision

    • gain additional insights and perspectives on what you could and may need to be doing to get to the next stage of your business development

    • determine how to put a plan into action

    • come to grips with what you need to avoid

It can also serve as a valuable learning and training tool to build staff knowledge and skills so you can increase all round productivity.

Everything is Time Tested and Proven

The authors have worked in direct marketing environments where up to 32,000 new orders have been received in a single day, and so the tips and techniques shared with you are well and truly proven ... and have already generated massive returns for many who use them.

The Guides are based on "real world" experience. For example:

    • In "Tips for Establishing Partnerships and Joint Ventures", you will learn how a simple strategic alliance reduced marketing costs by 75% and produced $100,000+ in profits month-after-month consistently for more than 2 years. The simple technique used here is something anyone in business can use!

    • In "Four Keys to Establishing Your Business In A Fresh Market", you will learn how a direct marketer mastered the #1 secret to DM in Japan and subsequently enjoyed average orders 4 times higher than those from their USA customers. If you are marketing online (and hence globally), then you should be aiming to get as many tips like this as possible!

The program also provides many walkthroughs which demonstrate the techniques and disciplines you need to master and apply in your business.

For example, this table is from one of six scenarios used to explain the extremely important concept of LIFETIME VALUE ...

Some promoters charge thousands for experience such as this. The The Real World Marketer gives you a smart and affordable alternative!

Discover money-saving strategies which can also improve your returns

The Real World Marketer is not just about ways to boost sales as it also covers many key operational considerations which you must get right in order to grow your business.

For example ...

    • In "Payment Processing Considerations", we walk you through the whole process of setting up an online store / payment processing facility. Everything you need to consider is included in our Roadmap!

    • In "Protecting Your Assets and Cash Flow", we walk you through the many key areas you MUST focus on, including how to protect your:- reputation -- list / data -- product -- cash flow -- and brand.

    • In "Controlling Your Web, Mail, Print and Advertising Costs", we provide many examples of how to SAVE are provided. In some cases, these savings can actually improve your sales and customer service levels. Now that may not sound right ... but it's REAL!

    • In "Planning Your Process ", you get a detailed run-down of the time frames you need to allow for different functions. This is vital as it impacts on your cash flow plus ensures you perform a task "without mistakes" so money is not wasted.

"Golden Nuggets" like these have saved the authors and their clients many thousands of dollars. Maybe they will for you too!

This holistic approach to business planning and management is why The Real World Marketer is more of a BUSINESS COACHING program than a marketing program.

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What People Have Said About This Program...

We are a niche publication and advertisers come to us because of the unique opportunity to target upscale readers we provide. Your recommendation that marketers need to be focused on a multi-dimensional marketing mix is spot on. Well done!
-- Chris Hanrahan, Managing Editor, Prestige Magazine

Excellent tips and examples throughout to help build and sustain success. I fully agree with the premise that marketing is a process and an integrated approach is needed. -- Robin Ray, Asian Development Bank Consultant, Author of "Wealth Creation & Preservation - A Basic Guide"

After many years of running major international events, I thought I had a solid grasp of direct marketing. I’ve picked up some powerful new ideas and strategies from this …
-- Ashok Nath, Chairman, OIC EVENTS

This is a solid marketing guide for a rapidly expanding business like ours.-- Dr. Rudy C. Susilo, Chief Executive Officer, ANJ HealthCare

… the examples you give and the experiences conveyed are invaluable and separate you from the pack of other marketing products I’ve been through. You not only relate in-depth knowledge and insight about online and offline marketing, you’ve done it. Now that is real world stuff! --Vaughan Melendy

Program ADD-ONS

Where The Real World Marketer provides the all important ROADMAP you're going to need, there are several areas which warrant some special attention so you can refine everything you go even further.

These include:

Resource #1: BUYERS ADVANTAGE Program

Buyers Advantage

Every business needs "secondary" income streams, products and services which can help you open more doors and generate additional income.

To get you started in this area, The Real World Marketer program includes access to BUYERS ADVANTAGE which gives you a portfolio of twenty one (21) products and services which you can:

  • market OFFLINE through one-on-one sales, and / or
  • purchase at "wholesale" price for internal needs - e.g. reward, incentive, value-add, fundraiser
  • use to get additional training for yourself or staff at a reduced cost

This is the type of service which ANY business - startup or existing - can benefit from.

Value: $97.00 pa (no ongoing fees apply when you purchase this product).

Resource #2: Essential Business Agreements

No matter what business you are in, you will require some basic documents to handle the myriad of requirements which come your way.

Included in are twenty-seven (27) Business Agreements, including: standard Non-Disclosure / Confidentiality Agreements, Heads of Agreement, Joint Venture Agreements, Disclaimer, and Privacy Statement options. Access to these will save you plenty of time - and maybe some legal fees.

Value: $50.00

Resource #3: WealthTraders eBook Library

Whilst The Real World Marketer is packed with tips and strategies, you may want to go into more detail in some areas.

This eBook Library - from our broader Resource Library - contains thirty (35) ebooks ranging in size from 15 - 85 pages.

They cover subjects such as business and marketing, money management, social media marketing, internet marketing, and network marketing.

Some of these eBooks are commercial products, available for separate purchase.

You will get automatic access to all additions to this library.

Value: $127.00

Can you afford to ignore investing in your Business Process?

ALL successful marketers / business people are continuously investing in improving their Process. It’s an area you cannot ignore … and doing so will be at your own peril!  

If you are serious about your business, you should not take that risk – especially not when you can purchase a program like this for less than most coaches' charge for just one hour of their time!

Sometimes getting yourself from a losing to a winning position requires only minor modifications or changes, things you will kick yourself for previously overlooking when pointed out to you.

This program brings these to your attention - whether it's one or more of the 372 tips, techniques or strategies and many hundreds of examples featured in The Real World Marketer, a new perspective on managing your money and risk, or getting the right agreements in place with the people you do business with.

Generally a combination of factors that you need to consider -- and that's what makes this program an invaluable STARTING POINT and ongoing reference tool.

Get The Real World Marketer

Products of the scope and quality of the main coaching product alone normally sell for in excess of $300 - in some cases, more than $1,000. Of course, if you call in a private coach, then expect to pay well in excess of even $1,000.

However, we want this product to be readily affordable to everyone ... because the knowledge and skills this package conveys are EXACTLY what every business and entrepreneur should have at their fingertips and don't want price to hold anyone back.

So we have cut the price to give you the opportunity to get this powerful Business Coaching Program at a hugely discounted rate ...

Value (US$)

The Real World Marketer "Online" (this is not an eBook) $197.00 BUYERS ADVANTAGE access $97.00 pa
Essential Business Agreements $50.00
Managing Your Risk (Special Report) $127.00
Total Value
US $471.00
US $197
US $147


30 Day - No Questions Asked -
Money Back Guarantee

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Something to keep in mind: It takes more than 30 days to build a successful business. However, the comprehensive nature of this program ensures you can apply different elements -- your planning, your execution, things you have overlooked, ways to save, etc -- to what you are doing right now and start seeing results almost immediately.

If you desire better returns from your existing business or about to start a new venture, then I urge you not to delay a moment longer. TAKE ACTION NOW!

To your success!

Joe McAleer
Business Coach

P.S. The Experts who contribute to this program have consistently achieved results over a very long period of time across a variety of sectors. The perspectives they share are refreshing ... and can be applied in ANY business. 

P.S.S. Every minute you delay in improving your Business Process is going to cost you! ACT NOW ... AND GET STARTED ON EXPLODING YOUR PROFITS TODAY!