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It's easy to come up with an idea, even progress that to a full blown business plan. However, ironically, most ideas and business plans are not progressed to the next stage - i.e. the plan is not executed - as many people really don't know where and how to start.

Ideally, your Plan includes "secondary" products - i.e. products which can help you expand what you provide and generate additional income.

Even if you feel you have that area covered, the following will give you even more options:

Expand your capabilities and income streams

Wealth Traders BUYERS ADVANTAGE Program

(A $97.00 pa Value)

This is a unique program, one which gives you 20+ products and services you can buy at WHOLESALE PRICE ... and more are on the way.

You can use these products to:

  • Generate extra "secondary" income

  • Open more doors and build relationships

  • Value-add one of your existing products or services -- without having to pay full price and then wait for Affiliate commissions

  • Provide a "different" reward / incentive for your staff or customers

  • Do business through normal business action (offline)

  • Build your own brand as you can bill your clients direct

Most products of this type generally have a high up-front / entry cost or require you to buy product to a certain value up front. This is different!

With this service, there are NO monthly or annual fees, NO stock to carry, and NO minimum orders. You buy at wholesale price ONLY when you have a need!

This program works in conjunction with the...

Wealth Traders Affiliate Program

Our Affiliate Program is a "closed" program available only to buyers of our products. Once you apply, you get automatic access to this service also at NO COST ... and can then promote online as well!

You do not need to know anything about Affiliate marketing to benefit with this program. All you need is one link - e.g. - and that will transfer across to every single product in our Affiliate program to give you multiple ways to earn extra money as a supplement to whatever you earn elsewhere.

Inside your One Stop Business Coach Member Area are a series of links you can use to get started within minutes. User guides are available to assist you.

A signup link is included in your Member Area. Once you signup, both your Buyers Advantage and Affiliate status will be activated.

(As a One Stop Business Coach member, there is NO cost for this Program and there are NO ongoing fees.)

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(A $10.00 Value)

Do you have something you want to present on the Internet in the form of a one page document / sales page? When we have a need of this nature, we generally use one of two simple templates - developed with our More Than Templates package - which allow us to act quickly.

Example#1                Example #2

You can download these two Sales Page templates in your One Stop Business Coach Member Area. You can use them as often as you wish for building sales pages of your own.

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