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Here's a recap of what More Than Templates gives you:

More Than Templates
Value (US$)
Content Website (Nominal value. The real cost if outsourced would be much more) $500
Cloak and Tracker
MasterCSSfile $20
Niche Navigator $17
Sales Page Templates $10
WP Simple Login Security Plugin Free
Total Value $604
YOU PAY $77.00

(One Time Fee for Lifetime Access)


Note: The Content Websites are currently being updated and will be made available on 7 July 2017.

All materials are available for immediate download.

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How You SAVE ...

** When you account for everything - i.e. copy, graphics, implementation and your personal time - each additional page of content you add to your website can cost you $100+.

** Modifying an existing website and content is much easier and faster than starting from scratch.

Content Website Requirements

  • Your Own Domain
  • Hosting Account
  • mySQL Database
  • Notepad or a HTML Editor
  • FTP Client